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Vintage Men's Shirt Collars, washed and ironed, not starched. These collars are USED items but show no signs of fraying. There is the possibility of small stains.

Vintage collars are not only great for your vintage outfits but they can also be used by journalers for crafting or as a closing belly band for a journal.


Quality craftsmanship by Cluett Peabody & Co and George P. Ide & Co.

  • Cluett Peabody & Company was a longtime manufacturer of shirts, detachable shirt cuffs and collars, and related apparel. It is best known for its Arrow brand collars and shirts and the related Arrow Collar Man advertisements (1905–1931).
  • George P. Ide Collar Company was regarded as one of the two largest collar companies in the world.


Collar #1: Cluett Peabody - ARGYLE - Clupeco Shrunk - 15 1/4

Collar #2: George P. Ide - WINFIELD - Linocord Buttonholes 4150 - 15 1/4

Collar #3: Cluett Peabody - CANTAB-A - Clupeco Shrunk - 17


They will ship folded so they can fit in an envelope. Minimum weight, for 1 collar, is 1oz.

Vintage Men's Shirt Collars

  • No returns on vintage items.

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